The world’s first community-owned accelerator

We support founders to build, grow and scale by harnessing the network and knowledge of Startup Grind’s global community

The SG DAO is the world's first community-owned accelerator. Leveraging our unique legal structure, we are able to offer a piece of our accelerator to anyone interested in joining. Thanks to this ownership, when the DAO succeeds everyone does.
Decentralized Investing
Through our accelerator community we can offer better deal flow, more robust due diligence, and a supportive accelerator that uniquely positions us to help our portfolio companies succeed. With this decentralization, we can offer a diverse deal flow that most networks don't have access to.

Powered by Web3
Harnessing the power of web3, we are able to create a digital community ready to tackle any challenge put in-front of them. The SG DAO's decentralized structure, voting mechanics, and organization of people allows it harness the talents of a diverse group of people to ultimately help our portfolio companies succeed.

Startup Grind is an amazing community that brings together dynamic startups, visionary entrepreneurs, and interested investors from around the globe for several days of learning, connecting, and community building.

Albert Santalo

Startup Grind is the most valuable community that SkyHive has been a part of. Access to investors, clients, mentors and advisors, you name it Startup Grind has it. I would definitely recommend it for any startup.

Sean Hilton

Startup Grind definitely filled a void for startups like us and gave us a great platform to meet with investors, to meet and listen to other startup founders, and be introduced to new opportunities with partners.

Sce Pike
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The first community-owned accelerator

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