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Complete our simple KYC process to verify your personal information and associate your crypto wallet ID.


Choose a membership tier that you are comfortable with and pay through our website.

Recieve Tokens

After your initial payment, allow 24-48 hours to then receive your voting tokens and an invite to our private Discord.



Leverage your Network

Find interesting and diverse startups to share from your own network.

Collaborate as a Community

Use our global community of founders, investors, and builders to help find potential companies for the DAO to invest in.



Pods Based Due Diligence

By assembling members into working groups based on industry expertise, we are able to perform due diligence on companies faster and more accurately than traditional teams. These "pods" will form the backbone of the DAO.

Decentralized Vetting

By spreading the workload of researching and vetting potential portfolio companies, we are able to process applications faster than the average accelerator.



One Person. One Vote.

Our community believes in giving everyone a voice. Though our voting process everyone gets a seat in deciding who we invest in

Wisdom of the Crowd

Communities like Reddit, Wikipedia, and Quora have shown that there is wisdom is a large community. We are leveraging that same wisdom to help us choose the best portfolio companies to invest in.



Support Portfolio Companies

After the portfolio companies have finished their 12 week accelerator program, you can continue to work with them while they grow and expand.

Learn with Them

As companies reach new heights, stay along for the ride to learn as they navigate the complexities of expanding their operations.

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